Not only investors, but also world-class managers.

ARCU Capital is a private equity firm focused on lower middle-market companies across a wide range of industries.

Since its founding, ARCU Capital has invested in superior businesses in attractive industries, always as a lead investor.

What Makes Us Different

We are entrepreneurs

As founders and managers within several sectors, our industry relationships run deep. Our principals bring a blend of operating and finance experience and will work closely in each situation with entrepreneurial management to increase the value of those businesses.

We go beyond financial engineering

In addition to providing a source of capital, we create strategic alliances, provide highly experienced management, and human capital expertise. Our resources and experience are targeted at developing and executing a strategic plan that takes our companies to the next level.

We do our research

We constantly review trends and explore new venues and technological platforms to identify potential growth opportunities.

We focus on creating value

We build companies worth growing.  Our approach is to implement strategic initiatives and operational improvements to promote the growth of our companies.

We take a long-term perspective

ARCU Capital understands that great businesses are typically built over long periods through sustained effort – and believes that one of its strengths is not having a traditional “fund mentality” that frequently manifests in relatively short ownership periods of three to five years.

Our Edge


Entrepreneurs and middle-market acquisitions require tailored approaches, particularly in Emerging Markets. The principals’ broad experience and emphasis on investing personally allow maximum flexibility in the development of solutions to transaction and business problems.

Principals’ Experience

ARCU Capital’s principals combine hands-on experience — including line and management responsibility — with financial experience built around making long-term investment decisions. They also have extensive experience evaluating business opportunities; negotiating, financing and closing transactions; and providing value-added oversight post-closing. These skills enable ARCU Capital to work effectively at all stages of an investment cycle, while the principals’ networks allow them to identify and access needed human and financial resources at critical junctures.

Active Role

ARCU Capital will play an active role in its portfolio companies, beginning in the pre-closing stages when its principals work closely with management in the development of a plan for the business. Consistent with its role as lead equity investor, ARCU Capital will participate actively at the board level and, in certain cases, assume a role in the day-to-day management of a portfolio company.

Strategic and Operational Discipline

ARCU Capital believes that the most effective means to generate attractive investment returns is to create value at the operating level through sustained growth of operating earnings. Thus, ARCU Capital strives to produce both short- and long-term improvements in the business through a combination of growth strategies, cost management programs, technology initiatives, and strategic acquisitions.

Portfolio Approach

We can merge or consolidate our portfolio companies in order to maximize their value. We have done add-on acquisitions to create business conglomerates that have scale, depth and sophistication. Our flexible investment strategy allows for maximizing value of the whole portfolio, rather than focusing on single investments. ARCU Capital makes it a priority to proactively facilitate cross-portfolio knowledge sharing, executive networking, and to foster commercial relationships between portfolio companies.

Responsiveness and Speed

ARCU Capital’s principals respond quickly and candidly to opportunities and dedicate the resources necessary to deliver on all commitments they make. Moreover, as substantial shareholders and board members of portfolio companies, the principals themselves remain personally dedicated to generating successful outcomes for those investments.